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Sun, Mar 24 2024 9:35 AM

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English Translator



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One year

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3 Months

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The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum of Afghanistan is a pivotal government institution entrusted with the responsible and sustainable management and development of the nation's valuable mineral and petroleum resources. With a vision to unlock the potential of Afghanistan's abundant mineral wealth and hydrocarbon reserves, the ministry is dedicated to fostering sustainable economic growth, environmental stewardship, and social prosperity. Aligned with international best practices, the ministry's mission is to implement policies, regulations, and procedures that encourage environmentally and socially acceptable private investments. It plays a crucial role in advancing research, exploration, development, and responsible exploitation of the country's mineral and hydrocarbon resources.


Job Summary

Translator/Interpreter is responsible for translating both written material as well as facilitating translation from official languages to English and vice versa.

Duties & Responsibilities

1- Translating important documents and reports from countries official languages to English language and vice versa
2- Translating any kind of documents, contracts, official papers, proposals and press releases
3- Direct translation and interpreting lectures in meetings for better understanding of audiences present there.
4- Guiding newly hired translators and transferring experience according to job description
5- Setting and tuning all translated documents in to files and presenting them on time to the related department
6- Facilitate effective communication between two parties that do not speak a similar language by converting one spoken or written language to another
7- Attend conferences and meetings and act as official translator to mediate discussion
8- Relay concepts and ideas between languages
9- Receive and submit assignments electronically
10- Interpret both legal terminology and colloquial language
11- Accompany foreign visitor and facilitate communication between receiving party and visitors.

Job Requirements

(Written and spoken), Pashto and Dari, local language proficiency is a must.
Should have Bachelor in English literature or related fields, Master is preferable
Should have at least 5 years of experience in Translation
Should be relax working with peoples of different levels
Concentration: Interpreters and translators must have the ability to concentrate while others are speaking or moving around them.
Cultural sensitivity: Interpreters and translators must be sensitive to cultural differences and expectations among the people whom they are helping to communicate. Successful interpreting and translating is not only a matter of knowing the words in different languages but also of understanding people’s cultures.
Dexterity: Sign language interpreters must be able to make quick and coordinated hand, finger, and arm movements when interpreting.
Interpersonal skills: Interpreters and translators, particularly those who are self-employed, must be able to get along with those who hire or use their services in order to retain clients and attract new business.
Listening skills: Interpreters and translators must listen carefully when interpreting for audiences to ensure that they hear and interpret correctly.
Speaking skills: Interpreters and translators must speak clearly in the languages they are conveying.
Writing skills: Interpreters and translators must be able to write clearly and effectively in the languages they translate


Please send your CV and Cover Letter to the email address below not later than at 04/04/2024 16:00pm. Please write in subject line: English Translator

Note: only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Email: recruitement.momp@gmail.com

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