MoMP Polices



Afghanistan has vast resources and headquarters for hydrodynamics and minerals such as gas oil, precious and precious metals, precious and semi precious stones, non-metallic elements, non-metallic minerals and construction materials. While some development activities have been done to some extent, geological data show that further development of these resources is possible from an economic and technical perspective. Development of this industry can play a role in the growth of gross national product of the country, direct and indirect employment, as well as in the provision of fuel and raw materials for industries, energy production and construction industries in the domestic and foreign markets. It is considered essential that a comprehensive policy be developed for the development, management and regulation of the mines sector.

Under Article 9 of the Basic Law of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the existing mineral resources in this country are the property of the government and are authorized to exploration and operation of the Ministry of Mines, which is in accordance with mining law, mining regulations and related procedures.

To this end, for the first time, the Ministry of Mines has developed a national mining policy for the growth of the mines sector with a view to protecting the environment, community security and encouraging the private sector, as outlined below.


List of Policies:

- National Mining Policy  Download File 
- Access to Geoscience Data and Information Policy  Download File 
- Industrial Minerals Policy  Download File 
- Rare Eartth Element and Metal Policy  Download File 
- National Cola Policy  Download File 
- Radioactive Mining Policy  Download File 
- Metal Mining Policy  Download File 
- CNG Policy  Download File 
- National EIA Policy  Download File 
- Artisanal and Small Scale Mining Policy  Download File 
- Construction Materials Policy  Download File 
- Dimension Stone Policy  Download File 
- Cement Policy  Download File 
- Administrative Guidelines EIAS Download File